Darko Richards’ debut album, Point of Departure, is a cinematic journey that blends electro/synth and rock music to make a unique and powerful sound.

“Clearly hugely inspired by sci-fi movie sound tracks, Darko’s new single Here I Come is chock full of industrial synth, metallic percussion and dark brooding. Expansive electric guitar tell the story in this instrumental piece and its one of a comeback and getting revenge.” York Calling

Point of Departure is a highly personal work for Darko Richards in which, fascinated by all elements of psychology in film and music, he explores all aspects of his psyche. An album rich with variety and themes, Point of Departure offers 50 minutes of music that seamlessly merges many different popular genres.

“I grew up listening to everything from classic and progressive rock (Satriani perhaps being the strongest influence from that group to me personally), to what were at the time in the 90s the more modern and alternative bands like Radiohead, NIN, Tool, Muse, and simultaneously listening to many 80s synth acts like Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Oingo Boingo, and also the more goth and metal oriented groups like Sisters of Mercy or KMFDM. Would also have to add the trip hop influence from acts like Massive Attack and Portishead that I believe show in the album, particularly on the tracks with the singer Casandra Lark who also shares those influences. I realize that covers a whole lot of ground but that reflects my relationship to music which only seems to grow and grow over the years.” Darko Richards on EchoSynthetic